Introduction to Blockchain

  • EDF Energy

  • Animation

  • Illustrator

    After Effects

    Cinema 4D

EDF Energy R&D UK asked me to help them explain the blockchain technology in the context of energy. The goal was not to provide a detailed view into how blockchain works, which is already available in a variety of mediums, but rather to show its potential to transform the energy industry.

With the help of a blockchain expert at EDF Energy, I wrote a script for a 2-minute animated video. With a tight deadline, I spent a day generating ideas and storyboarding, and, having received approval for the animatic, moved to illustration.

I used a combination of keyframe- and expression-based animation. For the peer-to-peer house grid animation I repurposed a script which I had developed during a previous project. This helped me save time and allowed more flexibility, as I could easily create an animation most suitable for that scene.